ControlsGeneration 2 Smart Plus Controls

Our Smart Plus controls are our most advanced yet. Whether at home or on-the-go, you can adjust the temperature of your UFCM Underfloor Heating system using a smartphone, tablet or stylish touchscreen thermostat.


Energy consumption can be monitored and homeowners can even set their systems to Holiday mode to avoid coming back to a cold home.


It’s easy to upgrade from existing controls and, with the new wiring centre, pairing the controls is as simple as pushing a button.

  • Features and benefits
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• Manually override schedules and make changes to the pre-set temperature allowing for precise control over the heating system
• Control up to 40 zones in the house from one master unit
• Choose from a range of frame colours to suit each room of the house
• Choose from five editable pre-set schedules or have the option to create a personalised schedule
• Comes with a parental lock for enhanced safety
• Screensaver options for added personalisation