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The UFCM Low-profile Screed system is a low-profile injection-moulded underfloor heating system, designed for refurbishment projects (RMI) where any increase to the floor build-up is at a premium. Each panel is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene, incorporating v-notches which enable the panels to be cut to size quickly and easily using just a utility knife, thus allowing simple installation in any size or shaped room.


The panels interlock for easy storage and carrying and also form a precise grid for the pipe, ensuring that the minimum pipe bend radius is achieved. The unique design of the castellation incorporates fixing points in the centre which enables the panels to be mechanically fixed to the sub-floor and also acts to protect the pipe from damage caused by on-site foot traffic.


In addition, the panel has been designed so that 15mm and 16mm diameter pipe can be installed in either a serpentine or snail pattern, with pipe centres increasing in 50mm increments i.e. 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.


The Low-profile Screed system (1200mm x 600mm x 20mm) can be supplied with fast-grab self-adhesive backing, offering rapid installation.

  • Features and benefits
  • Key design information


  • Simpler, more accurate installation
  • Precise pipe positioning
  • Ensures minimum pipe bending radius is achieved
  • Panels are quick and easy to cut to size
  • Can be used in any size or shape room
  • Facilitates serpentine and spiral configurations and multiple pipe centres

Additional information

Typical heat output at 50ºC mean water temperature

91 W/m2 at 100mm pipe centres

Maximum circuit length


Maximum coverage per circuit

11m2 at 100mm centres 22m2 at 200mm centres 30m2 at 300mm centres (18mm pipe only)