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The UFCM Red Floor Panel system offers optimum performance alongside quick and simple installation for solid/screeded floors.


This is the optimum performance system for Solid/Screeded floor applications.


The unique, lightweight floor panels are quick and easy to cut to size and lay. The Red Floor Panels then aid in system performance by acting as a guide for laying the ultra-flexible pipe in the required spacings/intervals, and best practice spiral configuration. They also lift the pipe slightly off the insulation panels laid beneath, allowing the pipes to be fully enveloped by the screed. This in turn facilitates better heat penetration and retention of the floor slab once the system is up and running.


The Red Floor Panels also offer a degree of protection for the pipes after installation, allowing other workmen access to continue working on site until the screed is poured, with a reduced risk of knocking the pipe out of position.


Choosing this system, gives you all of the benefits outlined above whilst also allowing you to offset your financial investment in the Red Floor Panels by reducing the amount spent on screed. Screed depth is measured from the bottom of the panel and the guidance castellations in the Red Floor Panels account for some of the volume within the finished floor slab, meaning you need approximately 15% less screed to achieve your required screed depth than with an alternate Solid/Screeded floor system.

  • Features and benefits
  • Key design information


  • Simpler, more accurate installation
  • Precise pipe positioning
  • Ensures minimum pipe bending radius is achieved
  • Panels are quick and easy to cut to size
  • Can be used in any size or shape room
  • Facilitates spiral configurations and 100mm pipe centres
  • Approximately 15% less screed required

Additional information

Typical heat output at 50ºC mean water temperature

91 W/m2 at 200mm pipe spacing

Maximum circuit length


Maximum coverage per circuit

12m2 at 100mm centres 22m2 at 200mm centres 30m2 at 300mm centres (18mm pipe only)