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We think UFCM underfloor heating should be available to everyone, and almost anywhere they choose to have it. Which is why we’ve introduced our Single Zone Electric Boiler. Specially designed to complement our underfloor heating systems, the Single Zone Electric Boiler enables a standalone system. So, it provides a successful solution for self-contained extensions or conversion projects, without the need to plumb into your customer’s main building’s existing heating system.

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• Sleek, white, compact design
• Can supply hot water to service underfloor heating in areas up to 38m2.*
• Suitable for compact projects, including extensions and office conversions
• Includes all required components for plumbing in UFCM’s underfloor heating systems
• Holds British Standards Kitemark (KM 59690) and conforms to all relevant BSI and European directives.

* Based on a requirement of 80w/m2. For help specifying your system, contact our Design Engineers via