Underfloor heating key part of green building revolution


Housing Minister Chris Pincher has announced that homes and businesses will have to meet rigorous new energy efficiency standards to lower energy consumption and bills, helping to protect the environment.

The new standards will require:

  • All new buildings to be constructed to be highly energy efficient
  • Building work in existing buildings must meet new standards
  • Measures to tackle overheating in new residential buildings

At UFCM we are ready for an energy efficient future with underfloor heating systems for both new buildings and refurbishments.

Underfloor heating is already more efficient than many other heating systems. It operates at a lower temperature when compared to standard radiators. It also regulates heat in a larger space meaning the heat is dispersed evenly with no cold spots.

Underfloor heating systems can also heat rooms up quicker and uses less energy to maintain that temperature than traditional heating systems.

UFCM offers a complete range of underfloor heating systems for large floor spaces and tall buildings. A range of in-floor; between-joist; over-floor and single-room systems as well as smart controls and manifolds mean the solution for energy-efficient heating is available from UFCM.